Friday, April 3, 2020

Wreaths with How-to-Tutorials by Laura Dowling

The book "Wreaths With How-To Tutorials" by Laura Dowling is about using natural ingredients to make decorations for your house. It showed how to make garlands and foliages out of fruits, vegetables, leaves, and flowers. It had many different examples and visuals of decorating without plastic and being self-conscious of the environment. It indicated how even when you use natural ingredients how beautiful the decorations will turn out to be.

The book "Wreaths With How-To Tutorials" by Laura Dowling is a great book for people who like doing DIY projects and also want to reduce their plastic use. This was great for me because Christmas is not so far away and using like flowers and leaves to decorate your house would be great because during Christmas people use a lot of plastic to decorate their homes. It also opened my eyes to how beautiful could the products that nature provides us with.
Reviewed by GH, Grade 8
Glendale Central Library

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