Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Small Steps by Louis Sachar

The book “Small Steps” is actually a spin-off from the book “Holes.” The book follows Theodore Johnson, also called Armpit’s life after getting released from Camp Green Lake. Theodore tries so hard to return back to his regular life, but that cannot be changed easily because of his records. Still, Armpit’s neighbor Ginny, who’s younger than Armpit, becomes friends with him. One day, Armpit and Ginny goes to the Kaira Deleon’s concert, who’s a huge teen pop star. That’s where Armpit meets Kaira and they start to form a relationship. However, that relationship completely changes Armpit’s life.

I absolutely liked this book. I liked it because of how the book faced real word problems, such as racism and lookism. I believe this book will be liked by high school students. This book made me feel that everything in this world cannot be easy or joyful. It also made me think of how a person’s life can change so easily because of one incident or accident. I do recommend this book, but not for younger kids. This book should be read by, like I said before, high school students.

Reviewed by Jonah, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

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