Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Invisible, by James Patterson

Emmy Dockery thinks that there is a link between hundreds of unsolved cases, she takes a leave of her job as an FBI researcher to take these cases on by herself. Everyone thinks shes crazy and not even her ex-boyfriend believes her. Although no one believes her, Emmy is determined to prove them all wrong and find out who was in charge of her sister's death. But not even Emmy is totally prepared for what is yet to come on her journey to get justice for her sister and and all the other hundreds of unsolved cases.

Invisible, by James Patterson, was very exciting and pretty fast paced. The author created twists and turns that you wouldn't expect and that made it harder to put down. It was mysterious and interesting, making it an enjoyable read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mystery, thriller, and action based books, and I would definitely read this book a few more times. The book was very well-written and there is just enough of suspense and action to keep you satisfied.

Reviewed by Lusine M., Grade 8
Glendale Central Library

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