Monday, July 27, 2015

Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli

Milkweed, by Jerry Spinelli, is about a boy, Misha Pilsudski, with many nicknames such as Gypsy,Jew,and Stop thief. A boy out of many trying to survive the destructive life as a Jew in the Holocaust, a time when the Jews were treated very poorly. He goes through the decision if he wants to be a Nazi when he grows up. He becomes friends with Janina Milgrom as he tries to steal bread and joins her family who are brought to live in the Warsaw ghetto, where it is very dangerous. Misha meets and make relationships with different people as he lives in the Warsaw ghetto. In this world where Misha has to choose between life and death, many adventures come his way.

I thought that Milkweed,by Jerry Spinelli, was very touching because you got to know what the life of a Jewish boy living in the Holocaust was actually like. You got to know how hard to was to live and survive in such a place. There were some parts I did not quite enjoy such as the parts where the Jews in the ghetto were being treated so bad,it was heartbreaking. What I did love was how the book was based on how it actually was back then and how Jerry Spinelli did not change the fact that the Jews were treated poorly. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a book based on the history of our world.

Reviewed by Tina, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library 

Monday, July 20, 2015

All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven

Theodore Finch (A.K.A Theodore Freak,) has always been considered the "Weird Kid" at Barlett High. On the other hand, Violet Markey is a shy, delicate girl after a tragic accident in which her sister passed away. Such a strange pair, but one that fits...
Embark on a thrilling adventure as these two souls venture into the world, on a roller coaster of exciting journeys. “Sorry wastes time. You have to live your life like you'll never be sorry. It's easier just to do the right thing from the start so there's nothing to apologize for.”
― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven, is one of my absolute favorite stories of all time, with thrillers that make you not want to stop reading. There are many life lessons to learn from this book, and can apply to anyone. I especially enjoy the characters and how they change throughout the story. This is just a spectacular read through and through. I would definitely recommend this to teen readers of all ages, and wouldn't mind reading it again.

Reviewed by Grace B., Grade 6
Montrose Library 

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, by Ann Brashares

Starring the four girls who were in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; Tibby, Bee, Lena, and Carmen, "The Second Summer of the Sisterhood" begins with the foursome tied up in another summer full of awaiting surprises. Shortly after Bee discovers five years' worth of letters from her grandmother of which have been kept a secret, she flees to Alabama on a quest to piece together her past. On the other hand, Tibby takes up a filmmaking workshop in Virginia, while Carmen is at home making her mom's dating life very difficult. Meanwhile, Lena is busy getting over her ex-boyfriend Kostos, right as he shows up for an unannounced visit. Aside from whatever happens to this group of friends, the pants end up in the hands of each of them just in time.

I have to admit, The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, by Ann Brashares,  wasn't nearly as exciting as the first one, mainly because in the first one the concept of the pants was just being introduced. Its always more exciting the first time you are reading about such a situation.  Despite that, this book has a really good plot and the adventures these girls face are ones we dream on facing. I really felt in tune with this book because I think the stage I am at as far as my mindset and actions go, I was able to really understand what was going on with the characters. Between love, lust, and sisterhood, I love that they share the pants because they get to bring a little bit of each others vacations with them to their own.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 12
Glendale Central Library

Monday, July 6, 2015

Girl In Pants, by Ann Brashares

This addition to the series  "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" begins with an eventful summer before they head off to college. After unfolding the pants for a new summer, you learn about the complicated lives each of the girls are living. Carmen is now taking care of Lena's grandmother and also dealing with her own issues at home. Lena's plans for her college might not go as planned as a result of her father. Bridget comes across a big surprise while at soccer camp, and Tibby discovering more and more about her inner strength as the aspects of her life unravel.

Girl In Pants, by Ann Brashares, is an heartfelt story of friendship and adventures get me every time! I love Ann's writing; the way she can make you both laugh and cry all in one chapter is remarkable! This book was very inspiring. Being able to go through the adventures and emotions with the characters really allowed me to feel closer the the characters in the book. I I truthfully live my life vicariously through the adventures of these four girls and I recommend everyone to give this series a good read. I don't recommend these books to anyone below teenage level. But I can conclude that this series is an adequate read for young adults as well as teens.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 12
Glendale Central Library