Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Demon King, by Cinda Wiliams Chima

The ideal match, a young, adventurous boy ridden with poverty, seeking to make a name for himself. A young, beautiful princess, looking to step out of her mother's shadow. In this fictional, magical world of wizards, princesses, and more, it seems only fitting that young Princess Raisa would grow up and hopefully be as ignorant and beautiful as her mother, Queen Marina. Then there's young Hans Alistar, who lives with his mother and younger sister while his dad had passed fighting another nation's battle. If that wasn't bad enough, he's a dirt poor, ex criminal with many enemies and mouths to feed. He also has these damn silver cuffs on his wrists that he can't seem to get rid of no after how hard he tries. But, one day Princess Raisa decides to help the poor, and in doing so gets kidnapped and involved with Alistar. This twisting drama only gets darker as Alistar now has to deal with his emotions and high end wizards also in pursuit of the princess.

The Demon King, by Cinda Williams Chimais a great book for teens of all ages! Honestly, it has everything that a teen would be interested in. Action, comedy, romance, adventure, you name it! This book has it all.The flow of the action is impeccable as it's mixed with just the right amount of comedy, romance, and adventure. This plot is amazing as unlike a typical romance where the poor boy and rich girl fall in love instantly, this book has so mush other little relationships forming within a relationship. And for all you action crazed lovers out there, the mixture of wizardry, sword fighting, and smack talk is as plentiful as any other book. Also, you don't have to be disappointed when you finish the books, there's three more books after this! A definite ten out of ten on my scale!

Reviewed by Timothy C., Grade 9
Montrose Library 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Princess and the Pauper, by Kate Brian

The Princess and the Pauper, by Kate Brian,  was a lovely story to read and enjoy. This story tells about 2 separate lives of 2 teenage girls. The 1st girl's name is Julia. Julia is like a normal teenager. she goes to high school at Rosewood Academy. She is the person who wants to just be cool with herself. She has a cat named Desperate. She then finds out that a princess will be coming to Julia's school. That princess is none other than Princess Carina of Vineland. now Princess Carina has her best friend Ingrid always by her side in ant sort of way. Ingrid is a person who knows what is best for Carina. But Carina feels that she can make some decisions on her own. But that doesn't bother Carina. Now back to the story! So as I have already said, Princess Carina will be visiting Rosewood Academy to give a speech about how her grandmother enjoyed her time at Rosewood Academy. When Julia finds that out, she notices that all of the popular and normal girls are all squealing and so excited! But as for Julia, she doesn't even care. But she realizes she has to go listen anyway. Carina (she is the princess) is so excited to be going to America for the 1st time. Only 2 people will be by her side. Of course, her beat friend Ingrid; and another girl who is just so bossy and rude to Carina and Ingrid; that is none other than Froken Killroy. (but Carina and Ingrid think to her as Froken Killjoy):) when the girls have all arrived in America, they are so amazed by everything that they have already seen. After the speech that Carina gives at Rosewood Academy, she realizes that Ingrid and herself should go to the bathroom and talk. (Isn't that what all high school people do??) :) Carina then realizes that Julia is also in the bathroom. Julia was not happy to see the princess herself. After about a month or so, Julia and her mom are having some issues about the rent payment.The price is higher and higher, faster and faster. But then, Princess Carina, Ingrid, and Julia see each other AGAIN! Julia can not stand it! But then, Ingrid brings up a proposition. She wants Julia and Carina to switch lives for 1 day. If Julia dies that, Carina will give Julia $10,000!! (American money) So Julia takes the deal. Ingrid and Carina are squealing; but Julia, not so happy. When the day of the switching begins, it goes off to a pretty good start. No one has noticed that Princess and Carina is not Princess Carina; and Julia is not Julia. But then, Julia realizes that she have to dance at a ball which Carina's so-called boyfriend Markus. Now the whole reason that Carina wanted Julia and her to switch lives was because Carina has been invited to go to a VIP band party for this boy that Carina has been emailing. After about a few hours, it then becomes days! I do not want to say anymore because I do not want to ruin the story for you! Hope that you guys can pick up this book soon! (Sorry if this was a bit too long)...

I truly enjoyed this book! I thought that this book can really be a book that embodies the way that you act in life. This book had a lovely story. I really enjoyed and liked seeing how the little paragraphs and the whole plot really come together. That is all I have to say because I do not what to waste your time when you are trying to get and read this book called The Princess and the Pauper By: Kate Brian!
So don't delay; come and down and get this book today!
Bye everyone and have a lovely rest of your day! 

Reviewed by Nicole G., Grade 6
Montrose Library 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Empire Girls, by Suzanne Hayes

Empire Girls, by Suzanne Hayes, is a book about how two sisters Ivy and Rose live in a small town with their father. When their father passed away they find out that they have a brother. The brother lives in New York so in order to find him they go to New York where they are not used to live in. The sisters go through so many things together and through the adventure they experience romance, friendships, relationships, truths, and sacrifices. They try to do everything to find their long lost brother and his history.

My opinion on this book is that I recommended this book to everyone because truly it is a very good book and it is very sweet and cute to read. It is definitely a book that is worth reading. I think it would interest teenage girls the most because romance is a small portion of the book and it shows the bond and relationship between the two sisters. It is a long book, but mostly the book is very interesting, you can get bored for a couple of pages. Mostly it is very interesting to read!

Reviewed by TA, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Monday, April 6, 2015

TTYL, by Lauren Myracle

Wow! TTYL, by Lauren Myracle, was an amazing book! This book was like a roller coaster! The 3 girls in this book were madmaddie (Maddie), zoegirl (Zoe), and lastly SnowAngel (Angela). It was the start of 10th grade for these girls and they made a promise to not let school crazinessto get them down or split them apart. Lots of interesting things happened in this book. Angela was suspicious when Doug was hanging out with other girls besides her. Zoe was feeling a little weird because one of her teachers, Mr. H, was asking Zoe to go to places. One part of this book that really made me sad was when Maddie was hanging out with Jana; who thinks that she is Little Miss Perfect and very popular. Oh PLEASE!!! I for one, really think that this book inspired me to be loyal with my friends so that way we would not get into any major arguments. When you start reading this book, you can understand why the title is called TTYL; which means talk-to-you-later. The girls are exciting about 10th grade, but the main question is.... Will they survive?

I will be saying this again because it is so true! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I liked that this book explains a lot. It had me wanting to keep on going because of what these 3 girls can produce with one another. If you are having a great friendship with someone, (but you guys have had some ups-and -downs) this is the book for you. I believe that in each and everyone of you, is an amazing friend. My favorite part of this book was the end because you can see these girls before and after their little situation. So don't delay, go and get this book today! Bye everyone and also, have a lovely day with your family and friends :) :)

Reviewed by Nicole G., Grade 6
Montrose Library 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Better off Famous, by Jane Mendle

Being famous is awesome, right? Well, I guess that you could say that birthday girl Annie Hoffman is going to New York for her birthday. That was all thanks to an aunt that Annie didn't know about. Her aunt's name was Alexandra. Aunt Alexandra sent Annie a plane ticket for her birthday so that way Annie could meet her. Since Annie played the violin, she decided to go to the Julliard auditions in this fancy place in New York. But then, a producer that was going to be shooting a movie called Country Day was asking Annie if she wanted to play as Berry Calvin; a violin playing, sassy girl. When Annie started to go through the life of being famous, she had realized that the publicity and cameras were watching Annie with every move thatshe did. So with the new clothes, new style, and possibly her new attitude, will Annie really wonder if she is better off famous?

I love the book Better Off Famous, by Jane Mendle! I loved how a normal 16-year-old could do so much! I think that if you do some crazy things in your life; and you try to fix them up, they can make you be who you really are. This book really made me feel happy because if you think that you want to be someone else, you will know, that in the end, you will want to be yourself again. So don't delay, go to the library today! Make sure that you read this book called Better off Famous by Jane Mendle. Bye everyone and have a beautiful and lovely rest of your day!

Reviewed by Nicole G., Grade 6
Montrose Library