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Paper Towns, by John Green

In Paper Towns, by John Green, the main character Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. One night, she climbs through Quentin's bedroom window and asks him to join her on an adventure. After a night full of action, Quentin does not see Margo for weeks. Driven by his love and the promise of adventure, he sets out to find her- and so begins a journey that changes him forever.

This book is great for teens. I liked it, though at times it was a bit cheesy for me. The book did speak a lot of truth, though. People are not always who you make them out to be in your mind, and it is disappointing to realize this. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light read. 

Reviewed by Anonymous, grade 11
Pacific Park Library


Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

Quentin Jacobsen has been neighbors with Margo Roth Spiegelman since they were both two years old. They were close friends as kids but as they grew older, they drifted apart. Now it is their senior year at high school and prom is coming up. Quentin had always liked Margo but they didn't share the same circle of friends anymore. That is why he was surprised that one night when Margo shows up at his window and takes him out on an adventurous night filled with pranks and laughs. The next day, Margo disappears and even though she has run away before and returned, Quentin believes otherwise. He soon discovers clues left behind by Margo that he believes will help him find her. The more he discoveries, the more distant he feels of the girl he had always known.

I believe this book was very exciting and different. It was like a modern day mystery book that was filled with surprises. I liked how Quentin never gave up and spent countless hours trying to decipher the clues left behind by Margo. I believe that anyone who likes books about teens, romance, and mysteries will enjoy reading this book very much. It was interesting how even through everything going on for them in senior year, Quentin never stops believing in Margo. He understands her in ways that nobody else does.

Reviewed by Anonymous, Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

Quentin has spent his whole life admiring Margo, his neighbor who loves adventure. One night he receives a surprise to go on an adventure with the girl he has always admired. They have an all-nighter playing pranks and getting revenge on their classmates. The next day Quentin finds out that Margo has run away and they are followed by hints to help Quentin find her. Quentin discovers himself while he also learns more about Margo to only gradually realize how much he didn’t know her.

I personally like this story because it is about discovering who you are and it shows that you have to take risks in life. I think that this book will mostly be appropriate to teenagers and adults because there is some foul language and sexual reference that is not suited for young audiences. I would definitely recommend this book because it teaches the readers that not everything is as you expect them to be.

Reviewed by S. Petrosian, Grade 11
Grandview Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

Paper Towns, by John Green is a novel based on a teenager named Quentin who has a longtime crush on his childhood friend Margo. Margo and Q used to be friends, but through years of going to school, social status separated the two. Margo has always been an adventurer. When younger, Q and Margo had once seen a dead man by the tree. While Q was scared, Margo had no problem going closer to the dead body. Q has never stopped liking Margo but he has realized that dating the most popular girl in school is only a dream for him. Until one night when Margo comes into Q's room asking for help. The two go on a mission to get revenge on Margo's ex-boyfriend and her friends that had betrayed her. As Q is forced to take risks through the night he realizes he has never been so excited yet nervous in his whole entire life. Later Margo tells Q that Orlando is a paper town, that has no real meaning or thrill. The next day when Q goes to school he realizes that Margo has left. He then starts to search for clues in order to locate Margo. Q goes into the abandoned building, left behind in Margo's clues. There he realizes that Margo has never really been too happy with her life, but instead she has been depressed. After days of searching for Margo, Q finally finds her location, couple hours before his graduation. He then leaves graduation with his two friends, and Margo's best friends to go find Margo before she leaves that place. While driving, Q suddenly looses his control over the steering wheel and almost kills everyone in the car. Yet after going through all the trouble they don't know if for sure they will find Margo.

Paper Towns is a fiction based on a teenage life, therefore I do believe teens reading this book will find some connection between the book. As the book started I immediately liked the book. The book did become less thrilling after Margo left, and there were very few surprises through out the book. I personally like books with lots of surprises therefore Paper Towns wasn't my favorite book, but it was still really fun to read. Margo tries to convey an idea that people are paper people, and don't enjoy life. I disagree with her since if she finds that the things the people do are fake, that doesn't mean she is right. All people are different and have different interests. At the end the reader also learns that everyone is different and that not everyone is going to agree with you. At the end of the day you have to be happy with your life. I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy reading stores about teenage life.

Reviewed by Areni, Grade 10
Montrose Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

In his fictional novel, John Green tells the typical love tug of war story between two distinct high school students. Quentin, or rather Q, is the archetype nerdy kid who falls for the gorgeous, out of reach, popular girl- Margo. He goes out of his way to try to get her attention, and his love for her is put to test when one day she disappears, leaving mysterious clues for Q to find. Their distinct personalities- cautious versus adventurous- clash as Q feels compelled to go on the journey to find his childhood love.

Although , John Green has failed to impress me with his writing skills this time. The Fault in Our Stars, the first book that I read from this author (and the newest one he wrote), managed to grasp the heart of its readers through wonderfully crafted characters, who communicated powerful messages of love and loss, and persevering through all of the adversity one encounters in life. In this novel, it seems that, being a new writer, he was trying too hard to embed deep themes, culminating in a counteraction of his intended effect on readers.

Unfortunately, this book suffers from its own storyline. One of the biggest disappointment was the fact that the story plot was very similar to many other stories targeted towards teens. The tale of naive boys chasing unattainable girls has come to become so tedious that it overshadows the author’s writing skills and messages, if any. Though it may sound cynical, if the author decided to partake in this common topic, the least he could of done was add his own flare to the plot through his characters; but the characters were brutally basic. They epitomize the exact opposite of what is necessary in order to be successful, which include staying true to yourself, abiding by the law, and valuing your education over other things. However when he met Margo, for some reason this value seemed to get lost, and he went on to risk many things in order to please this girl who he repeatedly states is the most beautiful person he has ever laid eyes on- and nothing more. He risks not getting into his dream college, and possibly landing in jail, in order to gain the favor of one girl.

Although this book was a let down, I will continue reading his works because it has become obvious that over time he has grown as a writer and learn how to achieve perspicuity.

Reviewed by R.O., Grade 10
Casa Verdugo Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

"Paper Towns" by John Green is an magnificently written book. The main character Quentin has been in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman, his neighbor whom he has known since he was a child. Everything was going normally for Quentin until one day Margo tapped on his window door in the middle of the night and told him she has nine things she needs to do but she can't do it without his help. Although there was some hesitation since it was the middle of the night, Quentin agreed and they had a full adventure doing some risky things. The day after that, Margo disappeared and Quentin is on a full mission to find her with the help of many clues and his best friends.

In my opinion this book is very entertaining and captivating. The book deals with romance, adventure, and plenty of mystery. I think people aged 13+ would enjoy this book because of how realistic and intense the story itself is. The book did make me feel a wide range of emotions because of the storylines and emotions that are described of each character.The author John Green did an amazing job of creating a book that had an ending that was very unexpected but realistic which made me feel bittersweet. All in all, a fantastic read!

Reviewed by Annabel G., Grade 9
Glendale Central Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

The book Paper Towns is about Quentin, a high school student who has had a crush on Margo, his neighbor, since they were young. As little kids, the two of them were close, but soon grew apart. Margo and Quentin then have an adventure during night one day, but the next day Margo is nowhere to be found. When she spontaneously goes missing, it's up to Quentin to find clues to track her down. Along the way, he finds out many new things about Margo, and even makes friends in the process.

Paper Towns is a very beautifully written book. The character are very relatable and the plot is extremely interesting. You just can't wait to get to the bottom of the mystery and find out whether or not Quentin gets the girl. Margo is the character in the book that I find most fun to read about. Every interaction that happens between her and other characters is fun and spontaneous, reflecting her personality.

Reviewed by Rima, Grade 8
Glendale Central Library

Tiffany, Montrose-Crescenta Library Manager said...

Paper Towns, by John Green, is a love story that takes place in Orlando, Florida. The story begins with the main character, Quentin Jacobsen, loving his next door neighbor, Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. The two go on an all night adventure together and when Quentin wakes up the next omrning, Margo is gone! This book will take you on an adventure of romance and hilarity as Quentin and his high school friends try and find Margo.

To be completely honest, I did not love this book. Although it can be hilarious at times, the ending really set me off because it teaches a very very very deep life lesson. I liked the book for what it was but the ending really killed it for me. I would recommend this novel to teen girls looking for a fun read and will never read this book again. I hope you don't have to same experience as i had reading Paper Towns.

Reviewed by Zack H., Grade 9
Montrose Library

Teen Speak said...

The story," Paper Towns" by John Greene is a story about acceptance and to know when to stop. It starts of with a high school student named Quentin who is in love with his neighbor and classmate, Margo. Margo is a very adventurous person who has told tales of her extravagant escapades and is known for her bravery. But one night she goes missing and Quentin decides to try to track her down with the help of his friends. After they pinpoint her location they all set out on a road trip to find her.

This book really changed my life because first I have never read a book that had been so realist in its writing. The way that the author wrote the characters to life was amazing and was so realistic. I was also drawn in by the mystery of the story and is one of the larger reason why I decided to finish the book. Over all I would most certainly recommend this to anyone who would like a long mysterious book that will leave them in awe. My only flaw with the book is that there is a slight amount of swearing.

Reviewed by Kevin N., Grade 9
Grandview Library