Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks

Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks, was one of my favorites from Nicholas Sparks. It was in John's point of view which made it more interesting. It's about a boy in his twenties who joins the army. During his first break, he meets Savannah and falls in love the minute their eyes meet. Although they'll be far apart from each other they do their best to keep their relationship going on by sending each other letters. But does their relationship really work out? Will John leanr the meaning of true love? All I can say is that this book was amazing and had me feeling very emotional. I recommend this book to everyone who loves love stories.

-Reviewed by CH, grade 9.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, by Roger Lancelyn Green

In King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table, by Roger Lanceyln Green, a legend is born when young Arthur meets Merlin and draws the Excalibur from its stone. As he becomes the King of Britain, Merlin tells him that new knights will come to the Round Table and he will become the greatest king in history. Merlin is put to eternal sleep by the lady of the lake and before it happens Merlin tells that soon Morgana Le Fay will try to overthrow Arthur and that there will be a Last Battle in which many knights would die in. I read many different versions the classical King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, but my favorite author of all them is Roger Lancelyn Green. He is one of those authors that make you want to turn the page quickly and find out more. It all comes to life from the adventures of the knights, the quest of the Holy Grail to the Last Battle. It is well-written and makes you feel like you’re fighting side by side with the knights. I recommend this book to every teenager who likes adventure stories and action.

-Reviewed by AS, grade 9

Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 8, by Katie Finn

Top 8, by Katie Finn, was a great book to read and it relates to many people. It's about a girl named Madison who goes on vacation with her family for a few weeks. What she doesn't know is that someone has been pretending to be her through the internet. When she gets back hom, she goes on her computer and finds out she's been hacked on her friendsverse profile. But who hacked her? She has to find out soon before everyone starts to hate her. Oh, and the hacker had apparently ended the relationship of Madison with her boyfriend Justin. Was that such a bad thing to do after all? This book was tons of fun to read, and finding out who hacked her was an awesome and mysterious adventure. I really do recommend this book for teens to read.

-Reviewed by CH, grade 9

The Thief of Always: A Fable, by Clive Barker

Havey Wick is your average 10-year-old boy. He is bored with his everyday routine that never seems to change. One day he meets a man named Rictus who tells him that he knows of a place where Harvey will be free of boredom at last. It is called Mr. Hood's Holiday House, where only children are allowed. Every morning is Christmas morning, and every night is Halloween night. The seasons change every day, and the coook can make anything you want. Harvey agrees to go, and meets Wendell, another boy who becomes Harvey's friend. Harvey and Wendell have a lot of fun, but they start to miss their families. They want to go back home to their families. When they get back, they see that almost 4 decades have passed since they left their homes, and their parents are old and dying. Harvey and Wendell decide to go back to Mr. Hood and demand the years he took from them. Will they succeed? The Thief of Always, by Clive Barker, combines horror, fantasy, and wonder all in one book. It has suspense in every chapter with a mysterious plot and unpredictable characters together to create the perfect mystery novel, while adding a hint of Peter Pan like a children's fantasy to spark everyone's imagination. You will not be able to put down the book until you finish. This book is definitely a book to add to your Must-Read list.

-Reviewed by MH, grade 9.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Know What You Did Last Summer, by Lois Duncan

I Know What You Did Last Summer, by Lois Duncan, is about when a girl name Julie gets a letter from a mysterious person, her life and three friends of hers are brought back to the night when they hit the little boy on a bicycle. Their past continues to haunt them with news clippings of the accident taped on doors, weird letters, and mysterious phone calls. But when the driver of the car Berry gets shot out of no where, they think someone found out. Does someone know? Who is stalking them? I think that the book is so much different than the movie. In my opinion, the book was very good compared to the movie. It’s not scary at all, but it’s thrilling instead. I think that it was so stupid and wrong for the main characters to act the way their did. If they did the right thing, those bad things wouldn’t have happened to them.

-Reviewed by A.S., grade 9.

Zatch Bell, by Makoto Raiku

Zatch Bell, by Makoto Raiku, starts in the night, a boy flies through the air hanging onto the talons of an eagle flying towards the city. Zatch Bell is his name. In the morning, a boy's mother starts pounding on his door telling him to go to school. His name is, Kiyo Takamine. Kiyo complains saying that he's smarter than the rest of his junior high, including the teacher. Then Zatch Bell comes through his window saying he shouldn't talk to his mother that way. Zatch had a letter from Kiyo's father, he handed it to Kiyo. It said that his father was proud on his 14th birthday, he found Zatch in a forest in England and cured him, Zatch wanted to return the favor by helping Kiyo. Zatch only had his clothes and a red book and barely any memory of his past. Zatch said he was going to be his instructor and Kiyo had to take care of him. Kiyo had no intention of taking care of Zatch, he was going to punch him when Zatch unleashed a powerful blast and made his room a total mess. Kiyo soon discovers that Zatch is a Mamodo, a child from another planet with powerful magic who will become king of his planet if he defeats all his enemies with the help of Kiyo. Zatch Bell is like and unlike to some of the other anime I have watched and reviewed. For one, its about momodo's again, demons, but not evil. Unlike since they are good and use a spell book to be momodo king. I would recommend this to only anime lovers since Darren Shan fans would think this too boring since they might expect blood and gore.

-Reviewed by Patrick, grade 9.